Volunteer Clinical Protocols

Ambulance Tasmania

Volunteer Clinical Protocols

Volunteer Ambulance Officers work under Clinical Protocols approved by the Director of Ambulance Services. All volunteers are individually responsible for ensuring they operate within their authorised scope of practice.

The protocols have recently undergone a major revision to ensure contemporary, evidence-based practice in an easy to read flow chart style with colour coding for individual management steps.

The Protocols are designed to ensure the best outcomes for patients by assisting officers when providing immediate emergency first response and patient care to rural and remote communities in Tasmania, and to complement the advanced care provided to patients by Ambulance Tasmania paramedics and other health care staff.

Volunteer Clinical Field Protocols 

Ambulance Tasmania may alter the Authority to Practice for Volunteer Ambulance Officers and the Clinical Field Protocols at any time based on best evidence, patient safety and operational requirements.

You can download a working copy of the current Clinical Protocols for Volunteer Ambulance Officers by clicking here (1Mb PDF). The approved version of the Clinical Protocols is available from the DHHS Intranet.

The Clinical Protocols are positive instructions; if a protocol, procedure or action is not specified, it is prohibited. They should not be read in isolation, and are used in conjunction with the relevant Clinical Work Instructions, policies and procedures that apply to all Volunteer Ambulance Officers.