Emergency Meeting Points

Ambulance Tasmania

Emergency Meeting Points

There are over 270 Emergency Meeting Points in Tasmania.

Emergency Meeting Points are pre-arranged, easily-found locations in rural and remote parts of Tasmania where you can meet up with an ambulance or other emergency services.

Emergency Meeting Points are designed to maximise the speed and certainty of emergency services reaching the correct destination in rural situations which are not well sign-posted or mapped or with which emergency personnel cannot be expected to be familiar.

Each Emergency Meeting Point is sign-posted on the ground. Many are at key road intersections.

Emergency Meeting Points are managed by Sustainable Timber Tasmania.

If you live or work in a rural area, you should make a note of nearby Emergency Meeting Points. If you require emergency assistance and expect the ambulance or other emergency services might have difficulty locating you, arrange for someone to meet them at the nearest Emergency Meeting Point and guide them to your location.

A map and the associated data for the Emergency Meeting Points are available from the Government's LISTmap service

From within the LISTmap service page, you can zoom in and move the displayed map and print the area visible on your screen to a PDF file for future reference and/or printing using the MAP TOOLS menu item.

Further information about each emergency meeting point is available by clicking on the point.