Zero Tolerance to Occupational Violence

Ambulance Tasmania

Zero Tolerance to Occupational Violence

Ambulance Tasmania has a zero tolerance response to all forms of violence by any person towards any other person on AT premises, or towards any AT workers working in the community.

Occupational violence (OV) is defined as any incident in which employees are abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances arising out of or in the course of their employment.  Incidents include verbal, physical or psychological abuse, threats or other intimidating behaviours, intentional physical attacks, aggravated assault, threats with an offensive weapon, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

AT workers have the right to a workplace free from violence. Patients and others have the right to receive health care, in a therapeutic environment free from risks to their personal safety.

AT has implemented a violence prevention program that focuses on the elimination of violent behaviour. Where the risks cannot be eliminated, they must be reduced to the lowest possible level using control strategies developed in consultation with our staff.

The zero tolerance response means that in all violent incidents, appropriate action will be taken to protect staff, patients and visitors from the effects of such behaviour.

Our staff are required to comply with violence prevention policies and strategies, report all violent incidents, know their options when confronted with violence, exercise them consistently and know that they will be appropriately supported by management in doing so.

If you require more information about Ambulance Tasmania's Zero Tolerance to Occupational Violence Policy, please contact Ambulance Tasmania's Coordinator of Operational Safety.