Right call, right care

Ambulance Tasmania

Right call, right care


Ambulance Tasmania's Triple Zero (000) call takers answer get a wide range of calls for help from shortness of breath to broken fingers ... coughs and colds to major trauma. Just 10 per cent of the calls are for patients with life-threatening conditions. A further 36 per cent are for low acuity conditions.

Is your urgency and emergency?

Just as every patient who presents to an Emergency Department is not admitted to hospital, not every patient who calls Triple Zero (000) needs a stretcher, an ambulance and two paramedics.

If your call isn't a life-threatening emergency, instead of calling Triple Zero (000) have you considered:

  • calling Healthdirect Australia, which is staffed by registered nurses, or
  • visiting your GP or local pharmacy or
  • going to the After Hours Doctor?

We are not discouraging anyone from calling us. We will always send an ambulance as quickly as we can if you need urgent care, but you can help us manage the workload by exploring other options for low acuity conditions.