How 000 Works

Ambulance Tasmania

How 000 Works

Hopefully you will never have to call 000 (or "triple zero") but if you do, remember to stay calm, speak slowly and answer the operator's questions.

How Triple Zero Works

The first operator you speak to will be from Telstra's 000 call centre, and they will ask whether you require Police, Fire or Ambulance. For urgent medical assistance, say "ambulance" and stay on the line while your call is transferred to Ambulance Tasmania's State Operations Centre.

The Ambulance Tasmania operator will then come on the line and ask a series of questions starting with "What is the exact address of the emergency?" followed by "Can you tell me exactly what happened?"

You will then be asked a series of additional questions to help us determine what resources to send and how quickly to send them. In emergency cases, even while you are answering the operator's questions, an ambulance is already on its way.

Sometimes the operator will ask if you can assist the patient before the ambulance arrives. You can save someone's life with simple actions that the operator will help you with over the phone. With a few simple instructions, you can stop major bleeding, open someone's airway so they can breath, or perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

If you need additional emergency services (such as police or fire) the Ambulance Tasmania operator will contact these services for you.

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Triple Zero audioWhat does "000" sound like?

You can listen in on a typical "000" call* and learn what sorts of questions the operators ask and how they can assist you before the ambulance arrives ....

  • Car Accident (4 min 2 secs) - a mother and her 9 year old son are involved in a car accident in rural Tasmania; listen to Ambulance Tasmania's triple zero operator find out exactly where the accident happened so she can send emergency services to the right place and then helps Rachel care for Josh until the ambulance arrives.
  • Collapse (2 min 28 secs) - a couple are eating dinner when the wife suddenly collapses; listen to Ambulance Tasmania's triple zero operator help get her into the "recovery position", determine whether she is breathing ok and then tell her husband what to do next.
  • Cardiac Arrest (3min 43 secs) - dad collapses on the floor and isn't breathing; learn how the Ambulance Tasmania's triple zero operator helps his daughter start cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) before the ambulance arrives.

Remember ... if you have to call triple zero stay calm, speak slowly and answer the operator's questions.

* While these recordings sound real and are based on actual cases, they were recorded by actors in a sound studio. The recordings depict real life-threatening emergencies and may be distressing to some listeners.