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Emergency Ambulance

For emergency assistance, call 000 (triple zero) 

If you require emergency ambulance assistance, call 000.

You can also call 112 from any mobile phone. It does not require a simcard or pin number to make the call, however phone coverage must be available (any carrier) for the call to proceed.

Ambulance Tasmania provides emergency ambulance services from 55 locations across Tasmania through a network ambulance stations and community emergency response teams.

Our strategic priorities are to:

  • Provide best practice in out of hospital clinical care.
  • Enhance clinical, operational and corporate governance arrangements and pursue continuous quality improvement.
  • Ensure a safe working environment for staff and others.
  • Enhance workforce planning.
  • Enhance infrastructure development.
  • Develop effective partnerships with health and human services providers, emergenc services and other stakeholders.
  • Maximise the benefits of technology.
  • Pursue a sustainable funding model that facilitates service delivery to meet the needs of the community.

In the last financial year, ambulances were sent to 74 000 incidents across Tasmania, which equates to about 200 incidents each day. Of these, 20 000 of the incidents for the year were in the North, 17 000 were in the North-West and 37 000 were in the South. 61 000 patients were transported to hospital by ambulance and another 14 000 were treated but not transported.

In general, 86% of all incidents occur in areas covered by salaried-only crews, 9% by mixed crews where paramedics and Volunteer Ambulance Officers work together, and 5% by volunteer-only crews.

Ambulance Tasmania always dispatches the nearest available ambulance resource to any incident, so crews frequently get sent to incidents outside of their normal operating area, depending on the workload at the time.

The delivery of care commences in the State Communications Centre through the provision of telephone triage, clinical advice, and deployment of ambulance resources in the most effective and efficient manner.

Resources include ambulances, first intervention vehicles, four-wheel drives for remote areas and Special Operations vehicles. The service also works with Tasmania Police to deploy the state's rescue helicopter and with the Royal Flying Doctor Service for fixed-wing medical retrievals.

Ambulance care is provided by highly-trained Volunteer Ambulance Officers, Paramedics, Intensive Care Paramedics, Specialist Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors who operate across the state.

Ambulance Tasmania staff work closely with public and private hospitals and health facilities providers, intrastate and interstate organisations. Staff also work closely with allied emergency services, including Tasmania Police, the State Emergency Service (SES) and the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS).

You can download a copy of the 2013-2016 Ambulance Tasmania Business Plan.

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Call 000 for emergency assistance

Remember - call 000 in an emergency and stay calm, speak slowly and answer the operator's questions.