FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ambulance Tasmania

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I call an ambulance?


For emergency assistance, call 000 (triple zero)For medical emergencies, call 000.

For non-urgent ambulance assistance, call 1800 008 008

You can also call 112 from any mobile phone, even if you are out of credit or out of range from your normal service provider.

Do Tasmanian residents have to pay for ambulance services in Tasmania?

  Generally not. The Tasmanian government normally waives the accounts for Tasmanian residents who require ambulance transports within Tasmania and its islands when third party payment is not available.  There are more details on the Fees and Accounts page.

I am a Tasmanian resident; why did I receive an invoice from Ambulance Tasmania?  

There are some circumstances when even as a Tasmanian resident you will receive an invoice from Ambulance Tasmania, including if you are involved in a car crash or you are hurt at work. For more information, see the Fees and Accounts page.

What if I need an ambulance while I am visiting the mainland?  

In all states and territories except South Australia and Queensland, you will be covered under informal reciprocal arrangements between the states that cover emergency road ambulance services. The governments of South Australia and Queensland do not participate in the reciprocal arrangements and you will have to pay directly if you are transported by ambulance in either of those two states, even if you are a pensioner.

For more information, see the Fees and Accounts page.

What if I am a visitor to Tasmania?   It depends which state you live in. You should check with the ambulance service in your home state and if necessary talk to your private health insurance provider or consider taking out appropriate travel insurance including ambulance transport, prior to your visit to Tasmania.

If you are hold a Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card and you do not have travel or other insurance which covers ambulance transport, we may waive costs for treatment and/or transport by road ambulance while you are visiting Tasmania.

Do overseas visitors have to pay for ambulance transport in Tasmania?   Yes. All overseas visitors are strongly encouraged to obtain appropriate travel insurance including ambulance transport before visiting Tasmania.

Do Tasmanian residents have to pay for ambulance services while travelling overseas?  

Generally, yes except when visiting the U.K. as ambulance services are part of the national health system in the U.K.

For more information, see the Fees and Accounts page.

Are there other avenues I can pursue to cover ambulance expenses?   Your private health fund or travel insurance provider may pay some or all of the invoice if you have appropriate cover included with your policy.

If you hold a DVA card, you may be covered for ambulance services through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Do the reciprocal arrangements cover helicopter or air ambulance costs?  

The reciprocal arrangements between Australian states do not cover helicopter or air ambulance services in any state of Australia.

How do I become a Volunteer Ambulance Officer?   If you, or anyone you know, would like more information about becoming a Volunteer Ambulance Officer, call 1300 303 196 or visit www.ambovolunteer-recruit.org.au or email volunteer@ambulance.tas.gov.au

I'm interested in becoming a paramedic or a volunteer ambulance officer. Can I ride-along for a few days to see if the work suits me?   Ambulance Tasmania does not allow members of the public to ride-along as observers in ambulances.